A portable table/floor light, intended for indoor use, a lamp to carry around the house and place anywhere you like – much like the traditional kerosene lamps our ancestors lit and carried through history.
A small, light lamp with a distinct character. The handles used for carrying it around describe the form of the everyday lamps of our time – the familiar semicircular, circular, triangular and the square. A contour that reminds us of standard, anticipated shapes, shapes we all know and recognize – turned into a functional handle and simultaneously into an ornamental element as well, giving the lamp its strong presence.
Lanterna is equally at home on the kitchen table, the living room floor or used as a bedside lamp. Fixed or portable, in discreet white or bold colours, Lanterna imparts ‘specificity’ to all of our living environments.
Available in 2 shapes, and 2 colour schemes

Year of design: 2010

E27 / 1x 28W halogen energy saver - included, 1x 20W Compact Fluorescent Lamp

V07015 5103 / black
V07015 5203 / white

free standing
metal, glass