Nika Zupanc is a product designer with a special touch for emotional extravagance. With her diverse range of projects, she extends desires into design through materials, quality and conflict.

With her design contributions within selected subjects and themes, Zupanc pushes the limits of aesthetics and speculates with new visual codes that twist the meanings that already exist or have been defined in advance and, disguised as new technologies and an explosion of new materials, lend these meanings completely new understandings in contrast to those they have had so far.

Beside her own collections, she is also designing for the contemporary design manufacturers like Moooi and Moroso. Her works have been published in leading design publications such as Wallpaper, New York times, AD, ELLE, Design Week, Desire, etc and described as ranging from punk elegance (ELLE USA), techno chic (BUSINESSWEEK), to larger than life (CLEAR MAGAZINE).

She works and dreams in Ljubljana, Slovenia